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Hey lovelies, I'm Caroline.

Height: 166cm/5'4"

CW: heaviest, but happy!


Hey, I’ve gotten a few of these messages and I never answered them for a couple of reasons so I thought I’d finally explain why I have left this blog:

1. This blog was a reminder of my unstable mind set and my obsession with being perfect and skinny. Coming onto it would push me further back into my hole and I didn’t like that.

2. I got too busy with being in my final year of high school, so everything got put away.

3. I didn’t want to run a blog that people came to with questions about starvation and unhealthy diets. It broke my heart to see so many unhappy, beautiful people. 

4. I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been and for a time I was ashamed to run a blog with so many people who were expecting me to be on this amazing weightless journey.

So basically I moved on with my life. But now I’m in a really good place. I finished high school, did well, I’m currently doing my dream course and I’ve met so many amazing people. I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been, but I absolutely love myself and everything I have achieved. I’ve never been so so so so happy.

So if people really want me back, I’ll be more than happy to come back and post healthy foods, healthy people and promote happiness and being healthy. the-perfect isn’t the perfect body, it’s the being the perfect human being you already are.

Do people want that? :) Thank you for asking about me though, lovely x

Please let me know if you guys want me back!

I get messages really often asking ‘how did you lose the weight’ ‘your bones are beautiful’ ‘did you fast to loose that weight’ and others along those lines ALL in response to that black and white before and after photo.


I never have stated that it was me, I always say that it is not me, it was a repost.

I started this blog nearly two years ago, back when my mind was in a more unstable state. I found that picture to be inspiring. Not so much now.

If you look at my blog now, all the pictures are of slim, mostly healthy women, healthy food and motivation. The kind of blog that doesn’t seem like it would be answering questions about how to fast or how to lose 10lbs in 1 week. 

I will not give you tips on how to starve yourself, fast or anything that could be detrimental to your body because I care about you all. If you want that advice, you’ve come to the wrong blog.

I have removed my motivation, diets, about to binge? and tips pages. I am sorry to all those who followed me because they were expecting to look like the girl in the photograph, but you won’t be seeing any of that here.

Thank you for your understanding :)